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SAVVY Hand Blender-600W HB-71 WELCOME OFFER 35% OFF

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How much time do you spend in prepping for your food before actually cooking it? Almost majority of it, isn’t it? Well, we know that prepping takes heck of your time especially when you are in a hurry. Therefore, you need to invest on spending more time cooking rather than preparing for food. A smart way to achieve it is bring in handy kitchen gadgets that won’t take much of your space, at the same time, ease you from the daunting prep work. A blender can be a wonderful addition to your kitchen. We introduce you to our versatile hand blender that can be your companion in the kitchen to beat, mix, puree, chops, whisk, mash and blend, thereby saving a lot of time and efforts. With all these jobs taken good care of, the blender will help you concentrate more on your cooking.

Let's Know More!

For the Smooth Smoothies

Toss in your favourite fresh fruits and veggies in a bowl with a dash of sugar or honey and cold water. Switch on the hand blender and mix everything up by running the appliance for half a minute to give a good stir. Your smoothies will be ready in no time. Serve chilled with ice cubes.

For Your Little One’s Tummy

Satiate your little one’s appetite with a healthy baby food. If your child is not that fond of eating veggies and fruits, blend them together to make a bowl of ‘nutrilicious’ goodness for your baby. Blend on medium speed until smooth paste. With the blender, you can puree a wide variety of fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, carrots, green beans, summer squash, peas, sweet potato and pumpkin.

For the Baked Delights

A bowl, the blender and the key ingredients – set the heat on at your kitchen counter! Whisk all types of baking ingredients with no lumps within minutes! The blender will help you bring the right consistency of thick and creamy whipped cream, eggs and make those delicious cake toppings, creamy mixtures, tarts, mousses. Fold in all the blended goodness into your baking tray to bring out something irresistible!

How to Increase the Shelf Life of Your Hand Blender

When you have so many things to do in the kitchen, the last thing you would want is a jammed blender. To avoid any such situation, follow the simple tips given below and make your blender shine for long!

  • After blending your recipe, fill three quarters of a tall glass with warm soapy water and run the blender for 30 seconds. Change the water and refill it again with soapy warm water until all the food residues from the blender are removed
  • Unplug the blender after use. Pat-dry using a soft kitchen towel and store away in a cool dry place, away from direct heat

So, with good care, you can keep your hand blender in proper working condition.

Let Us Explore on the Key Features of Savvy Hand Blender

Practical Design

It will be quite comfortable for you to use Savvy hand blender. You can conveniently change the attachments for easy clean up. Further, the extra-long SS long makes it effortless to blend ingredients together. The blender comes up with hang-up loop for easy mounting, thus it won’t take much space too!

Powerful Motor

Savvy hand blender is powered by 600W DC Motor that helps you in preparing all your recipes with ease. It comes with 2 speed switches so that you can control the speed with which you want to blend, puree or chop food.

Dishwasher Safe

Except the motor, you can wash all the other parts of the blender on the first rack of your dishwasher. Another way to clean your blender is to show the blender blade under running water.

Food Grade Plastic

We, at Savvy, care for your health. We have used good quality food-grade plastic that does not consist of BPA for long lasting performance in the kitchen.

Savvy Hand blender can do almost anything – it can help you make delicious soups, sauces, salsas, healthy baby food, tasty smoothies and many more! Therefore, you have many reasons to have one!


IMMERSION BLENDER: If you want blend large quantity of liquid at once, then the most convenient and easy way is using an immersion blender. These blenders have a short pole with blades attached to it, giving them an advantage of not having a limit on the capacity they can blend. Savvy’s Hand Blender is the ideal choice for you, if you are interested in using an immersion blender for the first time.
LESS TIME:The blender set can be attached to a chopper that helps in speeding the food preparation. This electric appliance can chop not only smaller items such as onions, garlic and chilli, but also baking ingredients such as nuts or crumbling biscuits or more. No need to worry as all you need is a little time and effort with the help of our product.
WHIP EGGS & CREAMS: Do you want to try recipes that require creaming? You can now whip creams and eggs with our hand blender. This hand held equipment can be attached to a whisker, helping you with baking and providing faster whipping of egg whites and creams. You can now avoid all those tiring work in your baking and make delicious mousses, creamed mixtures, cheesecake, tarts and much more.
EASY TO CLEAN: This elegant yet practical designcomes with an extra-long SS rod, that is quite comfortable and will cause no straining on the hands and wrist when used The shaft can be detached for easy cleaning or replacingit with chopper or whisk tools. The detachable accessories are all dishwasher safe, allowing an easy clean-up.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN: This sleek and elegant immersion blender has a slim and ergonomic handle with breakage resistant power cord and an effective 600W DC motor. It has stylish outlook design with SS decorate housing and strong SS thick head foot for better blending effect. This BPA free set is available in black color, including a hang-up loop for easy mounting.
2 Years Warranty
2 Years Warranty


Blender Wall mount stand
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Height : 25 Cms
Breadth : 7.5 Cms
Length : 13 Cms