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WRINKLE FREE CLOTHES: In this fast moving life, it is very important to look presentable, which include both our looks as well as our clothes. Super Vision brings you the dry iron to get rid those wrinkles off your garments and leaves clothes looking neat and fresh.
EASY MOVEMENT: This pressing machine makes the fabric look better and improves their lifespan while keeping their colour and texture intact. Our product easily glides across different garments and smooth the areas that are hard to reach, eliminate wrinkles and shrinkage.
MATERIAL: This ironing machine is made of BPA free ABS plastic with a stainless steel sole plate that provides excellent steam distribution. It has a thermostat knob, a water sprayer and a light indicator. This product is available in pink and white color.
VARIABLE TEMPERATURE SETTING: Different fabrics require different temperatures. The temperature control is very important as it needs to be varied according to the type of fabrics. This iron box has a temperature setting knob that allows you to adjust the required temperature. Also, the indicator lamp indicates when the iron gets heated and temperature reaches a certain level.
CONVENIENT DESIGN: The ironing machine has a stainless steel sole plate as they heat up easily, do not damage the clothes and are very durable. With a water spray, this dry iron has an additional spray mist function. It has a button, which when pressed, releases a light spray of water onto the clothes when needed. It is convenient and within the reach of your thumb as you hold the iron while ironing.


Instruction Manual

Technical Spec


Box Dimensions

Height : 12
Breadth : 25
Length : 11