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1. Extra Fry Pan Handle
2. Extra Kadhai Handle
When your pots and pans start wearing out and look old, you would want to replace them with better ones. If you are fond of experimenting with different types of utensils to cook food, then consider buying ceramic cookware this time. We, at Savvy, bring to you an attractive set of ceramic cookware that will liven up your kitchen and help you come up with some really flavoursome meals, every single time! Easy to clean and maintain, the set of three utensils – a dosa pan, a saute pan and a Kadai – will be a valuable addition to your kitchen. So just go for it!

Durable Food Grade Material

We have made the ceramic cookware with good quality food-grade aluminium material with ceramic coating. So, no toxic fumes will release even if you overheat the pan accidentally.

Ergonomic Grip

The cool soft rubber handle provides you with a good grip over the cookware to ensure maximum comfort while sauteing food. We have taken special care in making the handles durable –don’t worry, they won’t come off that easily!

Suitable for Both Induction and Gas Stove

The cookware set comes with a strong induction base, which makes it suitable for both gas top and induction stove.

Care Instructions

We have built our ceramic cookware set to last for long. However, rough use may damage the ceramic coating of the utensils making them unfit for use. Therefore, follow the simple tips given below to ensure a longer shelf life of your ceramic cookware set:

  • Try to cook on low heat setting using oils that have higher smoke points. You may use any vegetable oil, butter or ghee, but avoid using cooking spray.
  • Although metal spoon is okay for our ceramic cookware set, we still suggest you to make use of nylon spoons or wooden spatulas to make sure that the ceramic coating stays on for long.
  • Avoid showing the hot utensils under cold water immediately after taking off the flame. Instead, allow the pots to cool down to room temperature before rinsing.
  • Do not use harsh scrubber. Instead, to remove tough stains, soak the pan in warm water for some time and clean using a soft sponge dipped in dishwasher liquid or soap.

Non-Stick Ceramic Coating

The 3 layers of ceramic coating provide non-sticky surface to your cookware, making it even easier to saute, sear, stir-fry your vegetables, fish and meat by using lesser oil, and thus, cook healthy food for your family! Moreover, the food will not stick to the bottom so that you can bring out all the flavours effectively without compromising on the taste.

Uniform Heat Distribution

With the thickness of 3 mm, the tough aluminium material of the cookware set ensures even distribution of heat. Thus, you will be able to cook faster and make tasty dishes every time!

Dishwasher Safe

If you don’t have enough time to clean the pots, throw them in the dishwasher and give them a good spin. Your cookware will come out neat and shiny with no greasy residues!

The Basic Cookware Set for Every Indian Kitchen!

We bring to you the basic collection of cookware set needed for every Indian household, which includes: 1 non-stick tawa for making dosa, omelette etc. 1 Sauté pan with Lid 1 Kadai pan with Lid Further, the glossy pink colour adds a touch of class to your cookware set.


Non-stick Ceramic Design: The cookware set has a unique and stylish ceramic design. The fry pan is ideal for frying fish, omelettes and sautéing vegetables for a wholesome meal full of taste and nutrition. It does not require wooden spoon because the surface is metal spoon friendly having non-stick coating
Quick and Even Heat: The metal coating allows quick and easy heating which cooks your food fast. The coating won’t blister, peel or release any harmful fumes, even if you accidently overheat your pan
Non-Toxic material: Cookware set is your kitchen companion and we care for your health hence the material is non-toxic and harmless. It has long-lasting durability and free from harmful PFOA
Locking Lid and Grip Handle: The glass lid with steam vent is designed to avoid spillage and lock the nutrients and flavour of food. It facilitates steaming and aids in fast cooking. It has cool touch rubber handles which is sturdy and is designed for your convenience
Use and Care Tips: It can be used for all stove tops and is dishwasher safe. You can easy clean the set with any dish washer. For long-lasting performance use low to medium flame
1 Year Warranty


Warranty Card
Warranty Card

Box Dimensions

Height : 10.5 CM
Breadth : 47 CM
Length : 30 CM