Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions on Electrical Home Appliances

If the iron has An ' Auto Shut Off ' Feature Will It Turn Off Whill It's Being Used ?

No, the auto shut-off feature will only turn off the iron when it has been left immobile for a certain length of time.

Whill an iron burn my clothes if i have put it on the wrong setting ? Is it possible for an rion to burn clothes ?

Yes, an iron can burn your clothes if used on the incorrect heat setting, be sure to read the manufacturer’s instruction manual on how to use the correct temperature setting for your iron.

How long do irons take to warm up ?

It depends on the wattage and temperature setting of the iron, which can vary from approximately 80 seconds to five minutes.

Dose the weight of an iron matter ?

Depending on the amount of ironing required and the person doing the iron, the weight of the iron can greatly affect the way a person irons. A heavier iron can remove wrinkles easier without having to apply pressure to it but can become difficult to use after ironing a number of clothing.

What are hand blender used for ?

Hand Blenders are very versatile tools, they are designed to be easy to use and easy to store. The main attachment is for blending small amounts, but many come with a whisk. They are supposed to be smaller substitutes to larger and more expensive appliances.

Can my hand blender crush ice ?

Yes, however it is advised to only do this in a metal beaker, with a metal blending wand, as plastic may not prove strong enough to cope after a few uses.

Do I need a special water system in order to use the product ?

No. You may use any type of water that you typically drink at home. However, we do recommend using COLD water to achieve best results.

How do I clean my home drinks maker ?

The soda maker should be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth in lukewarm water using a non-abrasive cleanser if necessary. Be sure to remove the soda carbonator before cleansing. The machine and the PET bottles are not dishwasher-safe.

Can I re-fizz a drink that has gone flat ?

If you’re drinking plain soda, the answer is yes. However, if you already prepared a drink with soda syrup, the answer is no. Since only water can be carbonated in the homemade soda machine, you cannot re-carbonate once you’ve added syrup.

How can I tell if there is enough fizz in my water ?

One of the great benefits of using a Soda maker is that you control the level of fizz in your soft drinks. In general, you should press the carbonating button several times until you hear the LOUD BUZZ that indicates carbonation. Keep going until you achieve the level of fizz that you like! Three LOUD BUZZES provide average carbonation. Use one buzz for very light carbonation (good for fruit flavors) or five buzzes for strong carbonation (works well for colas and other dark syrups.

What kind of power source dose the home drinks maker use ?

Thakkar’s home drinks makers operate without batteries, electricity or plumbing, making them an energy-efficient home appliance and an ideal accessory to take on the road in your RV or onboard your boat. The carbonation in your soda is purely a result of the compressed gas stored in the SodaStream carbonator.

What is an induction cooker ?

An Induction Cooker is a cooking appliance in which heat is directly generated in the cooking pan as opposed to heat generated by cooking gas.

Which kind of vessels can be used on an induction cooker ?

All vessels which are flat and ferromagnetic in nature can be used on a Induction Cooker. The best way to identify which flat vessels are compatible with Induction Cooker is to check if it attracts a magnet, if it does then you can go ahead and used it on an induction cooker.

Would it be economic, if I use an induction cooker ?

Yes surely. In fact cooking on an Induction Cooker is more economical than on a Gas Stove due to its efficiency in both heat transfer & time taken to cook your dishes.

Where can i use the induction cooker ?

You can use your induction cooker anywhere. In fact you can call it a Mobile Kitchen, which is at your disposal whenever you want. You can use it on your Kitchen Platform, in your drawing room, your balcony, be it in an air conditioned environment or under the fan. All you need is an electric connection to turn it on.

What are the safety precautions to be kept in mind while using an induction cooker ?

Just a few basic things need to be kept in mind, which are as follows. Never have a metal platform beneath the Induction Cooker. Never use an Induction Cooker side by side a Gas Stove Not to be cleaned/washed with water Not to be used without any food in the utensil. Do not scratch any part of the Induction Cooker with sharp objects. Ensure enough ventilation near the induction cooker. Do not leave food unattended for a very long time on an Induction Cooker.

Is it safe even for the kids to use the induction cooker ?

Yes, it is perfectly child safe. There are no gaseous fumes, flames involved in the cooking process. Simple training would suffice for anyone to use an Induction Cooker.