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SAVVY Bread Toaster [Pop-up] BT-18 BUY 1PC SAVVY Bread Toaster [Pop-up]-BT-18 GET 1PC Savvy Easy Steam Iron - ESI-27

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We know that you are good at multitasking. Right from cooking, sending your children to school to reaching office in time, your morning hours are busy every single day.When you don’t have much time to spare, deciding upon what to make for breakfast can be tough. Here comes the use of a handy appliance that can make things simpler for you during the bustling mornings. A pop-up toaster can help you out in this case, as you can conveniently make a filling and healthy breakfast in no time. Further, with Savvy you don’t have to spend a lot to make your mornings better!We bring to you our two-slice toaster that can make your bread taste good easily and effortlessly. A plateful of crispy toast to serve with your favourite beverage can be a wonderful way to kick-start your day and stay energetic throughout.

Buttery Smooth Movement

During the bustling morning hours, when you don’t have enough time to cook an elaborate meal, the pop-up toaster will satiate your craving for something quick and nutritious. The toaster comes with a smooth movement that lowers and pops-up your bread in no time, when you are in the rush.

Control Your Cooking Time

You are the best person to decide upon what you want. With the ability to decide upon the cooking time i.e. set the correct temperature, you get good control on how dark your toast looks and how crispier it tastes.

Store Away Safely

Once you are done with toasting, close it with the lid and store it safely, away from dust. The attractive lid makes it a stylish appliance to flaunt at your counter!

How to Use Savvy Pop-Up Bread Toaster

Make lip smacking and crispy toasts every time, by following the easy steps given below:

  • Slide once slice of bread into each slot of the toaster
  • Set the toasting level provided from 1 – 7, depending upon how crispy you want your toast to be
  • Press the button down to start the toasting cycle
  • Once the toasting is done, the bread slices will pop-up from the toaster

Remove the slices and get ready to enjoy your set of crispy toasts!

Let Us Explore the Key Features of Savvy Pop-Up Bread Toaster

7- Temperature Setting

Decide upon how dark you want your toast by choosing the temperature setting provided from 1 – 7.

Removable Crumb Tray

We care for your health hence came up with removable crumb tray. You can easily remove the tray and clean it to get rid of residues by wiping away the food particles for next use.

Food Grade Plastic

We, at Savvy, want nothing lesser for you. So, we have chosen only good quality food grade plastic with no BPA.

Options for Thaw and Reheat

Apart from toasting bread slices, you can also thaw your frozen bagel and reheat your toast.


PERFECT BREAD TOASTER: Most of us like to have bread, especially toasted bread as our breakfast. Toasted bread with hot beverage is a satisfying breakfast combination! But getting a perfect toast can be a little difficult. Toast lovers will be happy with the 2-slice pop-up bread toaster from Savvy as these pop-up toasters save both your time and energy. Now, making hot and toasted tasty bread becomes very easy!
CONTROL YOUR BAKING TIME: These toasters are far better than the frying pan to toast your favourite tasty bread. The heat is well distributed, so you can bake bread quickly and evenly, by controlling the baking time by yourself. When the bread is baked to your requirement, you can press the Cancel button and the bread will pop up automatically. The Reheat option allows you to reheat your toast without burning it while the Defrost setting helps for defrosting frozen bagels or bread.
TEMPERATURE SETTING: How good it will be if you can set the temperature of your pop-up toaster? It is so because you can decide the brownness level of your bread. This product has setting knob with 7 gears, so that we can better control the baking time and the taste we want. These pop-up toasters are much safer than the manual way of toasting because you bread is left on the toaster until it finishes the cooking process.
REMOVABLE CRUMB TRAY: When you are planning to buy a pop-up toaster, you should look for one with a removable crumb tray. Any leftovers and residues in your toasting machine can cause health problems, so it is vital to throw it off and not let it remain in the toaster. Avoid your hands being scalded because of contact with the oven. Our toaster has a removable crumb tray that helps for easy cleaning of crumbs.
FOOD GRADE MATERIAL: Our toaster is lightweight yetdurable which will last few years. This is made of food grade ABS plastic, which is non-toxic and stays cool to the touch with smooth movement that lowers and pops up the toast sufficiently. The kitchen appliance is available in pink and white color
3 Years Warranty


Instruction Manual
Warranty Card

Technical Spec

700 Watts

Box Dimensions

Height : 20 CM
Breadth : 16.5 CM
Length : 28 CM