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If you are a self-made cook, you would definitely want to ensure that you have the most desirable gadgets in your kitchen. While you might have already invested a lot in the food processors, blenders and grinders, have you thought of changing your cooktop too? If you are still relying upon the gas burners to cook your food, then it's time you thought of taking the next step, especially if you are always on the run. Get hold of an induction cooktop,as this is what the modern day cooks are now opting for. Yes, an induction cooktop is surely the minimalist's dream!

At Savvy, we bring you a thoughtful addition to your kitchen counter that can save you a lot of time in cooking food.

Enjoy..Your Cooking!

Helps you Control the Temperature

Unlike gas-fuelled cooktops, you can choose the temperature you desire to cook your food. With a broad range from 80 to 240 degrees C, the induction top caters to the special cooking requirements, right from the t soft veggies to tough meat.

Allows You to Cook Faster

Since the heat from the induction burner transfers to your cookware directly, the food gets cooked fast and hence, saves you a lot of time. So, place the right cookware onto the cooking zone and get started!

Enjoy Low Noise Cooking

The induction cooktop won't make much noise. Thus, make every meal quickly, with ease and peace!

How to Take Care of Savvy Induction Cooktop

Follow the simple tips given below to make your induction cooktop efficient after every single use:

  • After you are done with cooking, wait until the cooktop cools completely
  • Using a damp sponge wipe off the cooking spills from the surface of the cooktop
  • Pour a small amount of mild soapy solution on the cooktop and wipe with damp towel until the surface is clean
  • Use a dry towel to wipe off the cooktop

So, with good care, you can keep your induction cooktop in proper working condition.

Let Us Explore on the Key Features of Savvy Induction Cooktop


With a compact design, Savvy induction cooktop can fit into even the narrowest kitchen counters. All you need to find is an outlet where you can plug it. With ergonomic design and classy looks, the cooktop will surely be a wonderful addition to your kitchen decor!


The 1900 w electric induction cooktop comes with automatic shut off, so it shuts off heat supply automatically when the pan is taken off from the burner.


Unlike gas burners, you don't have to be extra cautious while using the induction top. It heats only the cooking pot and not the entire surface of the cooktop, so it is safe to use in the kitchen with children roaming around.

Good Quality Plastic

We, at Savvy, care for your health. We have used good quality food-grade plastic that does not consist of BPA for long lasting performance in the kitchen. Further, the sleek design with classic white colour makes it an attractive addition to modern kitchen.

So, make Savvy induction cooktop a part of your everyday cooking adventure and bring out some tasty good recipes!


CONTROL THE HEAT: Are you looking for a new induction cooktop in the market? Then here is Savvy’s Induction Cooktop. Unlike gas stoves, you can control the heat with great precision using these electric stoves. And also a major pro is that there is no wastage of heat when you are using induction stoves.
FAST HEATING: This product is a fast heating induction burner. Choose your desired temperature from 80°C to 240°C in increments to meet your various cooking needs. These heat your cookware directly and the surface won’t get hot until the right cookware is placed in the cooking zone. It also cools down much more quickly than traditional gas or electric cooktops.
LOW NOISE: This electric cooktop dissipates heat soon during working and generates less noise, allowing you to make breakfast at ease. This new cooking technology enhance your cooking experience from better tasting to faster clean up time. These induction cooktops offer you a better option to cook.
COMPATIBLE: This product is compatible with most of induction cookware, that is, it is suitable for steel, cast iron, stainless steel, flat-bottomed pots. The induction burners don’t heat the surface of the cooktop and any spills, splatters won’t burn onto the cooktop. The cooktop will be cool enough to easily clean whatever mess is left behind immediately after cooking.
SAFE: The enclosure material of this 1900W induction stove is made of BPA free ABS plastic in black color, with crystal panel. It also has over-heat and high voltage protection with press control panel for easy operation and auto-power off if there is no operation for long time
2 Years Warranty,No Guarantee on Glass & Body


Warranty Card
Instruction manual

Technical Spec

1900- Watt
230V AC, 50 Hz

Box Dimensions

Height : 8 CM
Breadth : 42 CM
Length : 33 CM