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SAVVY Spray & Dry Iron with SS Sole Plate SDI-18 WELCOME OFFER 35% OFF

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You can always rely upon permanent press fabrics that promise to stay smooth and crisp even after repeated laundering. Still, you would want to flaunt that clean white dress shirt for the important business meeting or the comfy sweatshirt for the relaxing weekend. However, keeping those cotton and delicate outfits crisp and neat cannot be possible without proper ironing, which explains that you can’t really get rid of the household chore at all. Therefore, the humble iron box is one gadget that finds utmost importance in keeping your clothes in proper crease after repeating washing. We, at Savvy, bring to you the most effective way to get the wrinkle out of your wardrobe with ease! Let us explore more on it in the following lines.

Product Features!

Different Temperature Settings

At Savvy, we care for your clothes. We have provided with different temperature setting for each type of fabric, so that their specific pressing needs are taken well care of. The indicator lamp indicates when the iron reaches its optimum level of temperature.

Spray Mist Function

With an additional spray mist function, you can sprinkle water onto the clothes when needed. Moreover, it is positioned conveniently within the easy reach of your thumb as you hold the iron box for ironing.

Tough Material

We, at Savvy, want nothing lesser for you. Therefore, we have chosen only good quality food grade ABS plastic with no BPA. Further, it is equipped with a stainless steel sole plate that provides even distribution of steam throughout your fabric.

How to Maintain Durability of your Iron Box

A dirty base of your iron box can give you a hard time getting tough wrinkles out, especially when you have a huge pile of clothes to take care of. Therefore, follow the simple steps given below to maintain the durability of your iron box.

  • Dirt may build up on the base plate of the iron after prolonged use. Unplug the iron after use. Once it cools completely, clean the sole plate with baking soda and water by giving it a good scrub to remove the dirt. Rinse well with water and dry completely before plugging it for reuse
  • Drain the water reservoir of the iron box well after every use to ensure long life of the iron box. For the most desirable results, keep the water reservoir at least one quarter full
  • Starch and other residues may build up on the base, especially when you remove creases from starched clothes. Once cooled complete, clean the surface with a damp cloth

So, with proper care, you can keep your clothing iron working in proper condition.

Let Us Explore on How You Can Make your Clothes Clean and Crispier with Savvy Iron Box

For Your Crispy Cotton Clothes

To get rid of the stubborn creases and curls from your crumpled dress shirt and other cotton clothing, use the cotton setting. It is easier to remove wrinkles from cotton clothing when damp, so spray plenty of steam using the water sprayer. We recommend you to use distilled water to remove the wrinkles faster. Further, position the garment such that you are ironing only one layer of fabric at a time.

Take the Wrinkles out of Polyester

Maintaining polyester outfits will be much easier. Setting the temperature to low or medium heat will be sufficient to remove the creases. Moreover, you need to spray only a small amount of steam over the fabric before ironing. Start ironing from the top way down to the bottom of the garment.

For the Fluffy Woollens

Woollen requires regular maintenance to keep them fluffy and cosy after repeated washing. Make sure that you keep a low heat setting to get the wrinkles out of your sweaters and jackets. Spritz your garment with a little steam. While ironing, place a pressing cloth (may be a clean cloth or handkerchief) over your delicate woollen, as you need to protect the fabric.

Keep Your Silk Clothes Wrinkle-Free

Prep your silk clothes before ironing, to maintain the look and feel of the incredibly luxurious fabric. Spray plenty of steam over the fabric and turn the garment inside out. Lay it flat on the ironing table, place a hand towel or handkerchief over it and start ironing on the lowest heat setting.


WRINKLE FREE CLOTHES: In this fast moving life, it is very important to look presentable, which include both our looks as well as our clothes. Savvy brings you the dry iron to get rid those wrinkles off your garments and leaves clothes looking neat and fresh.
EASY MOVEMENT: This pressing machine makes the fabric look better and improves their lifespan while keeping their colour and texture intact. Our product easily glides across different garments and smooth the areas that are hard to reach, eliminate wrinkles and shrinkage.
MATERIAL: This ironing machine is made of BPA free ABS plastic with a stainless steel sole plate that provides excellent steam distribution. It has a thermostat knob, a water sprayer and a light indicator. This product is available in pink and white color.
VARIABLE TEMPERATURE SETTING: Different fabrics require different temperatures. The temperature control is very important as it needs to be varied according to the type of fabrics. This iron box has a temperature setting knob that allows you to adjust the required temperature. Also, the indicator lamp indicates when the iron gets heated and temperature reaches a certain level.
CONVENIENT DESIGN: The ironing machine has a stainless steel sole plate as they heat up easily, do not damage the clothes and are very durable. With a water spray, this dry iron has an additional spray mist function. It has a button, which when pressed, releases a light spray of water onto the clothes when needed. It is convenient and within the reach of your thumb as you hold the iron while ironing.
2 Years Warranty


Small Measurement Glass
Warranty Card
Instruction Manual

Technical Spec

1000 Watts

Box Dimensions

Height : 12 cm
Breadth : 25.5 cm
Length : 10 cm