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SAVVY Sandwich Toaster ST-18 BUY 1PC SAVVY Sandwich Toaster - ST-18 GET 1PC Savvy Easy Steam Iron - ESI-27

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If simple cooking techniques can make your recipes delicious, then it is indeed a smart way to treat food. Simple yet useful kitchen appliances can elevate the taste of your food to an entirely new level and a sandwich toaster truly exemplifies it. A sandwich maker is one of your kitchen mates that you can rely upon, to bring it to your kitchen counter every morning to make breakfast recipes such as sandwiches, bagels, burgers, toasts and fried veggies in a jiffy! We, at Savvy, bring to you a fun way to make your sandwiches look and taste better! Our multi plate sandwich toaster can cook good food easily and effortlessly. Read on to know more about it.

Product Features!

Ceramic Plates for Heat Control

The toaster comes with thermostatically controlled heat plates that protect your appliance from overheating. Therefore, no more burnt food!

Large Sized Plates

Are you tired of using the old small toasters? Savvy’s sandwich toaster would make your cooking simpler and faster with large sized toaster plates.

Good Quality Material

We, at Savvy, want nothing lesser for you. So, we have chosen only good quality food grade ABS plastic with no BPA. The ceramic coating won’t peel off overtime. Unlike non-stick pan which have harmful coating, ceramic coated plates are better for your health.

Cleaning Instructions for Savvy Sandwich Toaster

Using the sandwich toaster is easy, while taking care of it is even easier. To ensure its long life, all you need to do is just follow the simple steps given below:

  • Scrapping out a piece of sandwich from your toaster, on a busy morning, would be a nightmare! Therefore, always grease your sandwich maker lightly before cooking. By doing so, your sandwich will come out cleaner and crispier
  • To ensure longevity, clean the sandwich maker thoroughly after every use. Once you are done with cooking, allow the appliance to cool down completely and clean between the grooves using a damp soft cloth dipped in mild soap solution. Next, to remove the soapy layer, wipe-clean using soft dry towel

With the simple tips, you can make sure that your sandwich toaster stays with you for a long time!

Let Us Explore the Fun Ways to Use Savvy Sandwich Toaster

Make the Veggies Crispier

To give slices of eggplant, sliced potatoes and onions a stir-fried texture, throw them into the four partitions of the sandwich maker and get ready to gorge on some crispy snacks!

For the Sweet Tooth

Have you ever wondered that you can make mini cakes using your sandwich toaster? Yes, with Savvy sandwich maker, you can! Prepare your cake batter and place a heaped teaspoon of the cake mixture in each section. Close the sandwich and wait for a few minutes to bring out a set of tempting mini cakes!

The Satiating Sandwich Box

Make your kid’s lunchbox a tempting treat. With Savvy sandwich toaster, you can mask those nutritious veggies in the sandwiches to satiate your child’s hunger with yummy treats that are healthy too!

Think Beyond Sandwiches…

When you are done with experimenting upon the fanciest sandwiches, think of the many other lip smacking recipes that you can bring out with the simple tool. Think of the making delicious French toasts, pocket pizzas, burger patties and fritters! What’s more? You can pour in omelette mixture on the greased moulds of the sandwich maker to bring out yummy and crispy eggs!


SANDWICH TOASTER: Do you prefer simple cooking techniques? Then a sandwich maker can be a treasure for you because you can cook pretty much anything in it! So, Savvy has brought you a sandwich toaster, with which you can make your cooking interesting and easier!
COOK MORE THAN SANDWICH: If you are having any misconception that these toasters can only be used for sandwiches, then it’s time for you to clear these doubts. Our sandwich toasters can also be used to make French toast, pizza pockets, fritters.
COMPACT DESIGN: This machine is compact in size and are made suitable for vertical storage. Our product is built for small storage spaces. Being lightweight, you can carry it while camping or travelling.
CERAMIC PLATES: The sandwich press contains thermostatically controlled heat plates that are ceramic coated and have overheat safety protection. These plates can be interchanged and are removable so as to provide you a simple clean up.
FOOD GRADE MATERIAL: Our toaster is lightweight yet durable which will last few years. This is made of food grade ABS plastic, which is non-toxic and stays cool to the touch with smooth movement. The kitchen appliance is available in pink and white color.
3 Years Warranty


Warranty Card
Instruction Manual

Technical Spec

700 Watts

Box Dimensions

Height : 25 CM
Breadth : 10.5 CM
Length : 26 CM