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Do you remember those big vacuum flasks with clumsy plastic ousters and sling, which served tea for the entire family? Those sad flasks were often your companions for visit to your kith and kin resting on hospital beds. Yes, some decades ago the concept of vacuum flasks was limited to those creepy big bottles, worst when the tea in it would lose its good taste and become pale and stale by the end of the day. We have traveled a long way since then. Now, stylish stainless steel teapots have replaced those sad looking vacuum flasks that have literally vanished. Moreover, these stainless steel flasks are long lasting options and nature-friendly too. We, at Savvy, bring to you our elegant and durable stainless steel tea pot in which you can store tea, coffee, hot milk or water for the entire day without making the liquid stale. What’s more? You can also carry ice cold drinks for hydration on the go. Read on to explore more.


Vacuum Insulated Technology

Your last cup of tea or coffee will be still steaming hot when you pour it, while the juice will be as fresh and cool as it was, as the vacuum insulated technology maintains the liquid at the correct temperature. Hence, hot beverages remain hot throughout the day, while the cold drinks remain cold.

Easy to Pour

A part from being a thermal flask, the teapot is also an easy-to-use beverage dispenser. You can pour in your tea, water or coffee single - handedly with ease. All you need to do is press the red trigger and point the flask downwards. The liquid inside the pot will run right out in a smooth flow. Moreover, with a comfortable handle, you can have a firm grip on the pot and avoid spilling the liquid all over.

Care Instructions

By following the steps given below, you will be able to ensure longer shelf life of your teapot:

  • Clean up the flask regularly. Use a good quality bottle brush to clean the inner walls of the flask and a soft sponge to wipe the outer portions.
  • If you had filled the flask with hot beverages, rinse it properly using lukewarm water to remove every droplet of the tea/coffee. By doing so, you will also be able to get rid of the lingering smell of the hot beverage.
  • Clean the inner walls thoroughly and allow it to dry completely before securing the lid back.
  • Avoid using detergent or soap for the inner walls of the flask.

Preserves Freshness and Flavour

Since the stainless steel is non-reactive to liquids, it does not accumulate flavours. Therefore, every drop of the liquid you store in the teapot is absolutely safe and fit for drinking.

Safe to Touch

The liquid inside stays hot without transferring heat to the outer portion of the flask. So, you can touch it as it won’t burn your fingers, even when you know that you have poured something steaming hot into the flask.


The teapot is capable of holding up to 1.5 liters of liquid. So, load it with hot water and literally have endless cups of tea for the entire evening!

Ice Cold Drink, Anytime!

Your refreshing juice will remain icy cold throughout the day in Savvy stainless steel flask.


Insulated Design: The stylish insulated tea pot is full length having capacity of 1.5litres. It has advanced temperature control wall. The vacuum-insulated design helps to lock the heat and maintains hot and cold temperatures. It is ideal for keeping your beverages like tea and coffee hot for long hours
Leak Proof: Carry it anywhere anytime and anyplace because it leak proof ,eco-friendly and avoid the spillage of liquid
Non-Toxic Material: It is BPA and phthalate free. Also all plastic parts are food grade and hygienic It is easy to operate, carry, clean and rust proof
Durable: Due to high quality material the bottle will last long and makes it user-friendly. It is non-leaching, spill proof and provides heavy duty
Perfect Travel Mug: Because of light weight design it can be perfectly carried to anyplace. Also the water bottle preserves the freshness and flavours of liquid you are carrying. The handle helps to prevent burns while handling the water kettle
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